ReDigi Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReDigi?

Simply put, ReDigi is recycled digital media. We’re sort of like your favorite used record store, but for digital music files. Not just that, we offer users free, unlimited cloud storage so you can free up hard drive space and stream your music anytime, anywhere.

Free unlimited Cloud storage, you say?

When you register for an account with ReDigi you automatically receive free, unlimited Cloud storage where you can store and stream your verified digital music.

All you have to do is download the ReDigi Media Manager and our forensic Verification Engine will tell you exactly which songs in your library are eligible.  Currently we only accept music you purchased from iTunes or ReDigi.  Songs ripped from a CD or acquired in some other way are not eligible.

You may use your Cloud as a storage locker for old songs you want to take off of your hard drive or new purchases made on ReDigi.  Additionally, you may list any of your stored songs for sale in the Marketplace.

Why should I store and sell my songs?

Because everyone has a music library full of songs that were a good idea at the time. The truth is, most people listen to less than 20% of their music libraries. That’s a whole lot of music taking up space on your computer somewhere. Why not store those songs to free up space on your hard drive, and if you no longer wish to own any of those songs, you can sell them straight from your Cloud.  Then, with the credit you earn form the sale, buy music you’ll love!

Hey! I own this song, why won’t ReDigi let me upload it to the Cloud?

ReDigi always errs on the side of caution so if we determine that a song is ineligible for Cloud storage and resale, it does not necessarily mean that a file is illegitimate or pirated.  We are always updating our system and apologize for any inconvenience.  If a song is not eligible today, it might be tomorrow!

Is ReDigi Legal?

YES, ReDigi is Legal!  True, a few of us may look suspicious with our five o’clock shadows and a fashion sense that would scare your grandmother, but we are a law-abiding operation here at ReDigi.  This is something we take very seriously.

ReDigi brings the familiar process of selling a physical good (CD, book, Pink Cadillac, etc.) into the digital age.

To paint a simple picture, let’s use the Pink Cadillac as an example. You bought that outrageous gas-guzzler, you own the title, and by all means you have the right to sell it. However, once you hand over the keys, it’s no longer yours to drive.

The same concept applies to a pre-owned song you sell through ReDigi.  ReDigi has the technologies in place to ensure that once you sell a song, you no longer have access to it.  This is how ReDigi stays legit, and how you now have access to a new marketplace where rights long accepted in the physical world may now be applied to digital goods.

For more details on how ReDigi stays legal, please visit our Legal page.

Does ReDigi make copies of my music?

No.  ReDigi does not make copies of your music.   Ever.

Once you upload a song to your Cloud (whether to store or to sell) it is instantaneously removed from your library — as are any “personal use” copies of that song you may have stored elsewhere on your hard drive or synced devices.

If you list that song for sale on the Marketplace and someone purchases it, the song and its corresponding license is instantaneously removed from your Cloud and transferred to the buyer, who then becomes its new owner.  This is called an Atomic Transaction.  No copies are made during this process.

Is it safe?

Are kittens adorable?

We promise, we’re not here to sell your information. When you download the ReDigi Media Manager it scans and verifies songs on your computer to let you know exactly which songs you can store in your Cloud and later sell if you choose.  But don’t worry, any illegal or unverifiable songs on your computer are ignored. We’re trying to help you stay legal, not get you in trouble.

What is a Unique ReDigi ID?

The ReDigi ID identifies each unique song listed for sale on ReDigi. If you find songs listed for sale that appear to be the same as others but have different ReDigi IDs, they actually may be quite different. This can occur for a number of reasons like when songs come from different albums. In a situation where both songs appear to be the same we recommend previewing each before purchasing.

Yes, but can I sell my old Kenny G songs?

Classics in the Key of G was a masterpiece, and you know it. But yes, you can sell anything, and we’ll help you find it a good home.

How do I get ReDigi?

It’s as simple as clicking a button. Seriously, you can click here to download the Media Manager and start selling your music. If you’re not interested in selling music, then you can go directly to our marketplace and buy some!

What’s the difference between a ReDigi coupon and a ReDigi credit?

With ReDigi you’re rewarded two ways for selling your music – with coupons and with credits.

For every song you upload to your Cloud, you’ll earn a ReDigi coupon. These coupons give you discounts on songs, so if you upload 50 songs you’ll get a discount on the next 50 songs you purchase.

ReDigi credit is exactly like cash, and it’s what you use to purchase songs.  You can stock your account with credit by using a credit card or Pay Pal account, or by listing your songs for sale. When we find a buyer for your song, you’ll earn ReDigi credits.

DPP…Cloud…memory bank…what does it all mean?

We understand it can be a little confusing – in the words of the great MC Lyte, let’s break it down…

*DPP just means Digital Personal Property – it’s the songs you own.

* Your Cloud is your free online storage space for old songs you want to take off your hard drive and new songs you purchase on ReDigi.

*The Memory Bank is a place on our website where you can drag songs to remember for later, if you’re not ready to buy them just yet.


Look, we understand the whole “sell the songs you don’t want, get paid for it and help out artists in the process” thing sounds too good to be true, but we promise that’s exactly what we’re here for – we’re a revolutionary little music platform that’s here to empower artists and fans and do good in the music industry. And since we’re independently owned and operated, you’re not dealing with a big scary corporation – you’re dealing with a bunch of music nerds who just want to make the music and music downloading industries great for everyone again.

Why won’t anyone buy my songs?

ReDigi tries to find a buyer for every song you list for sale, but it may not happen right away – everyone has different taste in music, and try as we might, we can’t make everyone appreciate smooth jazz. If your song doesn’t sell right away, hang tight – the ReDigi community is growing all the time.

When is the song I want going to be available?

Like your favorite used record store, we have as many songs for you to buy as the ReDigi community has songs to sell. If you can’t find a song you’re looking for, check back as often as you can – chances are, someone just hasn’t gotten around to listing it for sale yet.

Help! I have a technical problem — who do I call?

Ghostbusters!  But they probably can’t help.

If you’re having a technical issue with either the website or the desktop client Media Manager send our friendly tech team an e-mail at

Help! I want to talk to ReDigi — can I do that?

Sure thing! Here’s a cheat sheet:

Media/Bands/Musicians/Independent Brands:

Corporate sponsors/investors:

Other business/professional inquiries:

It’d be awesome to work for ReDigi, so may I?

We’re always looking for interns who live in or around Boston or who’d be willing to spend a few months in the Boston area. If you’re interested in interning for ReDigi, send us an e-mail at Sorry, but there are no other open positions at this time.