About ReDigi

With ReDigi you can Store, Stream, Buy and Sell pre-owned digital music.  It is a way to keep your music collection fresh, and your library full of songs you actually listen to.

ReDigi is Recycled Digital Media

Sell your unwanted digital music.  Earn credits.  Buy used digital music from others.  That is our core, but it’s just a small part of what we offer.

ReDigi is a Free Cloud Storage Service

As a ReDigi user, you will receive your own private Cloud where you can store your legally purchased music and stream it anytime, anywhere.  For all you digital hoarders out there, it’s a great way to free up space on your hard drive.

ReDigi is a Community Marketplace

That’s right, ReDigi is your marketplace.  We give users direct access to one another so when you sell a song on ReDigi, you are selling it directly to another fan.  Then, with the credits you earn from the sale, you can turn around and buy something else that you want now.

Marketplace inventory changes moment to moment and is entirely dependent upon what songs are being offered for sale by other users.  So check in often and when you find a song you want, grab it fast before someone else does!

ReDigi is Technology Driven

Behind ReDigi’s super fun and user-friendly interface is a revolutionary technology that ensures that every song stored in our Cloud was legally acquired by the user, and that all Marketplace transactions between buyer and seller are copyright-friendly.

When you download the Media Manager (the tool that allows you to access the full range of ReDigi’s offerings), ReDigi’s forensic Verification Engine analyzes your library to tell you exactly which songs you can store and sell on ReDigi.

We don’t expect you to remember where every single song in your library came from so we make the process simple, telling you exactly which songs we can accept, and ignoring those we cannot.  Currently, only your legally downloaded tracks from iTunes or ReDigi are eligible; songs ripped from a CD or acquired in some other way are not.

When you select the songs you would like to upload to the Cloud, ReDigi automatically removes the files and any personal use copies of the files from your hard drive and synced devices.  We make sure that each song in your Cloud is the original “copy” and the only copy that exists.

Songs in your Cloud can be streamed anytime, removed from storage, or sold to a lucky buyer.

ReDigi Is The Legal Alternative…

…to piracy and file sharing sites.

Our technology gives you the tools to access the ownership rights to your digital property so that you can sell a used mp3 just as you would sell a used CD should you decide you no longer wish to own it.

We are helping you to once again feel good about buying your music legally, and providing a marketplace for you to resell digital media you rightfully own in a way that is legal and beneficial to copyright holders.

Read more on the Legal Alternative here.

ReDigi Is Music With SOUL

ReDigi believes in the power of music and we believe in supporting the creative forces behind it.  We believe in compensating artists BIG so that they can continue making the music we love — and that is exactly what we do.

Just by using ReDigi, you are supporting your favorite artists directly because they get paid every time you buy or sell one of their songs.

This is the first time artists have profited from the re-sale of their work in the secondary market, unlike the sale of a used CD, where artists never see a dime.

ReDigi Is Just Getting Started

Although we have gained the attention of a worldwide audience since we opened our beta site to the public, ReDigi has barely scratched the surface.  Soon we will be welcoming used eBooks into the marketplace, followed by other forms of pre-owned digital media.

Additionally, ReDigi has a number of charitable organizations that we hold very close to our hearts.  In fact, in the early days of ReDigi, when it was just an idea, our intent was to make it a place where people could donate their unwanted digital music to support charity through proceeds of the resale.  This is still an important part of our mission and we look forward to launching our digital donation initiative alongside some of our chartable partners in the not-so-far-off future.

These are just a few of the things ReDigi has in store.  So stay tuned.